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Karma - wallet
« on: October 01, 2015, 03:07:14 am »
Trying to get Karma Wallet to sync - get the "No Block Source available" message.
- Have added a karma.conf file to my AppData\Roaming\Karma directory on my Windows 7 machine
- in karma.conf have added all of the "working nodes" I could find on google, like
- Have forwarded ports 9432-9436/TCP in the firewall to the machine running Karma

In debug.log I see
Loading addresses from DNS seeds (could take a while)
addresses found from DNS seeds

and a bunch of the following for the nods added in karma.conf
trying connection lastseen=199.5hrs
connection timeout
trying connection lastseen=373239.3hrs
connection timeout

I have Armory - Bitcoin wallet running on the same machine with no issues

Any assistance would be great - thx!!